About Us

Ash is a holistic sexual wellness brand that celebrates sex and gives you freedom to explore your sexuality. Ash is pioneering a segment of that experience that will combine both wellness and health for people who want to explore their intimate life with themselves or a partner.

As our brand prioritizes inclusion and believes that nobody should be alienated, our founding team is diverse in gender, sexuality, race, and overall background so that we are positioned to build products and experiences that inspire sexual freedom for everyone.

Ash aims to give people of all backgrounds the freedom, knowledge, and tools to explore their sexuality with confidence. We welcome you to join us on this journey and encourage you to turn to us for all things sex as we work to bring products, education resources, and experiences that give you the freedom to explore your sexuality.

Go Big Red!

Ash was born out of Cornell Tech’s masters programs in startup studio. We are proud Cornellians and thank our partners from the larger Cornell community and alumni network.