Hi, we are Ash

Ash is pioneering a segment by combining sexual health and wellness for people who want to explore their intimate life with themselves or a partner. 

We are starting by making the STI testing experience more convenient and accessible. 

Team Picture

We made Ash for ourselves

We were frustrated by how hard it was to be sexually well, so we decided to do something about it. Every member of the Ash team is dedicated to using their skills to make sexual health and wellness accessible for all. 

David Stein


“I remember thinking that in an age where we can order an Uber to our doorsteps in 2 minutes, anything on Amazon in 48 hours – why is it so hard and expensive to get tested for STIs/STDs.”

Mio Akasako


“What’s missing in society is a safe space for sexual health and wellness for everyone, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic standing, or beliefs. I’m here to build this with Ash, one step at a time!”

Kyle Waters


“STI’s happen, there are different types of lubes for different things, protection comes in many forms – it’s time to make sex a dinner table conversation because everyone deserves the opportunity to be sexually well.”

Nick Sempere


“Improving access to healthcare is very important to me — I think doing so has profound knock-on effects that improve lives. Yet, sexual health resources suffer from particularly large disparities in access.”

Our Lab Network

CLIA + CAP Certified

Our lab partners are all CLIA and CAP certified which means they meet and exceed industry standards for laboratory testing. ​

Certified In All 50 States

Being certified in all 50 states mean the lab processing your results meets the requirements established by your home state.

Physician Reviewed

All tests sent to our labs are reviewed by a physician to ensure you receive the appropriate tests and we meet direct access testing requirements.