Find a doctor

A positive test result from an Ash test is not a diagnosis and it is necessary to see a health care provider for diagnosis and treatment. We want to make this as easy as possible for you and have complied resources below to help you find a doctor for next steps. 

Take a deep breath, all STIs are treatable your provider will be able to guide you through treatment. 

If you regularly see a primary care provider they are the best fit for walking through next steps and treatment given their understanding of your healthcare background. 

Low Cost/Free Clinics are well versed in STI diagnosis and treatment and will provide a safe space for discussing next steps.

If you identify as LGBTQAI+ most major cities have a low cost/free clinic dedicated to serving your community and will be ready to create a comfortable space to discuss your sexual health and wellness.

To find a local low cost/free clinic near you we recommend searching through or your favorite search engine.

For decades Planned Parenthood has created a safe space to learn about and maintain your sexual health and wellness. Planned Parenthood is ready to walk you through treatment options while ensuring affordability and discretion. 

Click here to find the Planned Parenthood location nearest you. 

Urgent Care Centers will be able to perform any follow on testing and treatment. Urgent Care Centers can often be high cost and are best only for those on insurance. 

To find an urgent care center near you we recommend utilizing Google or Yelp to do a search for your area. 

What to bring with you

A copy of your results

Print out a copy of your results to share with your doctor. This will inform them the type of tests that you tested positive for.

Your insurance information

If you are insured bring your insurance information along with you to avoid any confusing bills in the future.

Your partner's name if you believe they have been exposed

If you tested positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea most states will allow a physician to also prescribe antibiotics to your partner if there is reason to believe they have been exposed.