Test for STI/STDs from home with a free test kit - just pay shipping

Women looking at STI test instructions
Women looking at STI test instructions

How It Works

Step 1

Collect your samples at home

Step 2

Pay for lab processing

Step 3

View results online

Collect your samples at home

Receive your kit discreetly in the mail and follow the step by step instructions inside to collect your samples.

Pay for lab processing

Your kit is free - all we ask is you cover the fees our lab charges us when you register your kit.

Receive your results online

View your results via our secure online portal. In the event of a positive result Ash will be here to assist with treatment. ​

Save $20 when you pre-pay

At Ash, we believe in making STI testing as accessible as possible which is why we only charge you for the lab processing costs.

Top Four

Tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, & syphilis

$119 $99

Common Two

Tests for chlamydia & gonorrhea

$69 $49

Don't just take our word for it...

Ash made everything simple, easy, and comfortable. Instead of my usual awkward experience of not understanding how to properly test myself, the instructions were clear and the whole process was so quick.
Philadelphia, PA
Easy to use and such a quick turnaround! I really appreciated how you made it so easy to understand how to collect my sample, the instructions were so easy to follow. I love you guys!
Chicago, IL
Ash is really amazing because I don't have to stress about staying sexually healthy - Ash takes care of so much for me. It's consistent and simple, and they make it so easy to stay on top of my sexual health.
San Francisco, CA

An Ash kit is a secure, private, and accurate way to be tested

CLIA + CAP Certified Labs

Our lab partners are all CLIA and CAP certified which means they meet and exceed industry standards for laboratory testing. ​

Physician Reviewed

All tests sent to our labs are reviewed by a physician to ensure you receive the appropriate test at we meet direct access testing requirements.

Secure Online Portal

Your results will be visible to you and only you via our secure online portal.

Certified Labs

Physician Reviewed

Secure Portal

What does an Ash STI kit test for?

Ash offers testing for the most common STI/STDs. All of these STI/STDs most commonly show no symptoms.

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