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How does a chlamydia test work? Read more to find out.

Chlamydia – sounds scary, right? How does a chlamydia test work? The good news is that testing for chlamydia is far from scary. In fact, collecting a sample for chlamydia is so easy you can do it from home. Read on to learn more about how a chlamydia test works.

how does a chlamydia test work?
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Step 1: Collect your sample for your chlamydia test

When testing for chlamydia it is most common to collect a urine or swab sample. For penis owners, urine is an effective way to test for genital chlamydia. However, for vagina owners a swab is the best way to perform a test. Chlamydia can also live in your mouth and butt. Swab tests are the best way to detect infections in these areas. We offer multi-site testing at Ash for this reason.

Step 2: Secure your samples and send to a lab

For urine, all it takes is pipetting a small amount of your urine into a collection tube. For a swab you just place the swab in the tube. Then, it’s off to a lab to test your samples. At Ash, we provide pre-paid shipping labels for our kits to make it easy for you to return your samples.

Step 3: Lab processes your chlamydia test samples

Chlamydia is tested through a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This will sound familiar because it is the same method used for most Covid-19 tests. Invented in 1983, PCR is highly sensitive and specific – which is a fancy way of saying it is extremely accurate in identifying both positive and negative results. Most labs process a PCR test within 5 days, at Ash we have worked with our labs to get that processing time down to 3 days on our chlamydia tests.

Step 4: Receive your chlamydia test results

Now, we know this can sound like the scary part – but, it’s really not all that scary at all. Chlamydia is treatable and in the event you receive a positive result a healthcare professional can prescribe treatment that will most commonly result in chlamydia clearing up in a matter of weeks. On the Ash results portal we keep results clear and simple and are there in the event of a positive result to assist with speaking with a healthcare professional for next steps. So now you know the answer to ‘how does a chlamydia test work?’ you can go ahead and order an Ash Chlamydia Test today to find out how easy it is to test for chlamydia from home.