sexual educators on TikTok

Sexual Health educators to follow on TikTok

Sexual education on TikTok is fire! We have made it easy for you to find the most inclusive and hilarious sexual health educations on TikTok – scroll all the way to the bottom!

1. Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

With over 1.5 million followers and counting on TikTok. Dr. Lincoln is a gynecologist and uses her platform to debunk all types of misconceptions about women’s health. From addressing false information about birth control to discussing all things lube, Lincoln covers a range of evidence-based posts in what she calls her “virtual sex-ed class.”

2. That Gay Doctor

We love “That Gay Doctor” for covering topics ranging from stigma around routine STI testing to LGBTQ+ ????️‍???? issues in medicine and life in general. This doc brings education and sass to his growing 250 thousand followers.

3. Doctor Carlton

Self-professed ???? Comedic Gay GI Doctor???? and Chief Executive Officer of Butt Stuff, he’s sure to cover topics that we never heard about in high-school sex ed. Carlton has you covered on all topics including bottoming or grooming your pubic area.

4. Mama Doctor Jones

Dr. Jones is a board certified gynecologist and she preaches sex positivity and inclusive sexed. If you want to learn about your what to do if the condom brooke paired with Megan thee Stallion give Mama Doctor Jones a follow.

4. Peer Health Exchange

Peer Health Exchange’s mission is to empower young people with knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions. Their TikTok is all user -generated content by real college students that tackles topics ranging from consent, pronouns, to birth control.

5. Ash Wellness

As always Ash’s mission is to make sexual health and wellness more inclusive and accessible by providing self-collection kits for STDs/STIs and education around it.

Ash makes the STI testing experience more convenient, inclusive and accessible. Our at-home testing kits are tailored to your sexual activity. It is important to test for STD/STIs depending on where you have sex. The most common STD/STIs (gonorrhea and chlamydia) often show no symptoms at all. The only way to know if you have chlamydia is to get tested.

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