What it’s like to get tested for chlamydia at a clinic

STI clinics are full of friendly sex-positive people who make it easy for you to get tested for STIs. Of course, you can’t remove the awkwardness that comes with going in person to get tested. That is why we offer at home chlamydia tests.

Checking in at a clinic

Your visit will start with checking in and letting the clinic staff know that you there for testing. Sometimes this comes alongside a form about your sexual habits. Questions you will answer may have to do with who you have sex with, how often you have sex, and the genders you have sex with. We have removed the need for all these types of questions when you onboard for an Ash chlamydia test.

Collecting your samples

A healthcare professional will provide you instructions on how to collect your samples for your test. Using swabs and/or urine you will collect your samples on your own. These are the exact same type of collection tools we have you use with an Ash chlamydia test.

Lab processing

While some clinics do have on-site labs most rely on off-site labs for processing your samples. In fact, most clinics use the same CLIA-certified labs that Ash uses for our at home tests. The clinic will reach out once your results are ready, usually within 3-5 days, but, sometimes as much as in a couple weeks. At Ash, we have worked with our labs to get our processing time down to three days for our chlamydia test.

Results and treatment

Depending on the clinic your results will be provided via phone, email, or an online portal. In the case you have a positive result most clinics will ask you to come in for treatment and consultation. The treatments provided by the clinic are the same treatments provided by the healthcare professionals that Ash partners with for our chlamydia test. All STIs are treatable and, in the case of chlamydia, often only require a round of antibiotics.

Local STI clinics are a great place to go for testing and provide comprehensive care, however, they do require in-person visits to perform sample collection that is easy to do at home. Using an Ash chlamydia test enables you to test for chlamydia from home using the same methodology the local clinic is using.