So, why should I get tested for STI/STDs?

STI’s are super common, like half of all sexually active people will have an STI by the time they are 25 common. Myths and misconceptions make folks afraid to talk about sex and sexual health, but just because people don’t talk about it doesn’t mean you are alone thinking about it. We want you to remember that STIs are part of life and more common than we talk about.

Everyone should feel safe and comfortable as sexual beings and that means open conversations with each other about consent, preferences, and sexual health.

Getting tested means taking a super close look at what is going on on the parts of your body you use during sex. We can do this by collecting a tiny bit of the fluids from these areas to see if there is anything there. This lets us understand how your body is doing and if it needs any extra attention or care. STIs don’t always have symptoms, you can stop wasting time on WebMD imagining them. Our STI testing looks for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, two of the most common sexually transmitted infections.

Sometimes we need to check in on our bodies and give them a little extra love, even if you are always really careful about protection or if you just tried something once. If you get tested, you know exactly what is happening and you can treat yo’self! Seriously, STI’s are treatable, even if you don’t have health insurance, usually with just a short course of antibiotics.

We get it, nobody is excited to look for a clinic or tell their doctor about the new thing they tried with a partner. Many people have also had bad experiences with doctors when talking about sexual health. So let’s skip doctors for now. With our kit, we can take a look at what is going on and help you figure out if you need to see a doctor. All from the comfort of your place.

No Judgements. No Labels. No Awkward Conversations.

No judgments. No labels.

Just easy and convenient STI testing from the comfort of your home.